Itinerary three days in Brussels

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Itinerary three days in Brussels

You’re taking your time to explore Brussels thoroughly? That’s wonderful! You’ve already experienced the main sights during your first two days in Brussels. For the third one I’d suggest you explore the red pins on the maps, which are the area around Parc du Cinquantenaire, Botanique park and maybe throw in a few museums as well. If you’re not that keen on visiting museums, look for inspiration and alternative sights in our overview of places to visit in Brussels.

Area around Parc du Cinquantenaire

You could start your day with a walk through the European district and a free visit to the Parlamentarium to learn about the European institutions. Whenever you need a break, Parc du Cinquantenaire is nearby for a picnic or a nap. Make sure you walk to the center of the park to see the monumental triumphal arch. Via the Army Museum, you can climb up the triple arch for an interesting view over Brussels. And while you’re there, you might just as well explore the large collection of armors, weapons, planes…

Triumphal arch in Parc du Cinquantenaire

Before leaving the area, hop over to Leopold Park, which is a beautiful park with a pond, located on a hill and one of the best picnic spots in Brussels. It also features the former Solvay library, which is a fine example of art nouveau architecture.


A quick 20-minute metro ride will take you to Botanique, a former botanical garden with gorgeous greenhouses. Today the greenhouses have been transformed into a unique culture and concert venue, whereas the botanical garden has become a beautiful public park. While strolling through the park surrounded by large skyscrapers, you’ll notice some similarities with New York’s Central Park. Except we have loads of small turtles instead of squirrels…



Learn about the culture or history of Brussels by visiting some of its museums. Personally, I would definitely recommend the Coudenberg Museum where you can take an underground tour of the remains of Charles V’s palace. Art lovers will appreciate the large collection of artworks at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, which covers the Old Masters, Fin-de-Siècle, Modern and Magritte museum. An unusual, yet surprising place to visit is the Sewer Museum where you can explore the underground sewer network and walk next to the (now underground) Senne river.

walking on Rue Isabella in the Coudenberg Museum

Other ideas

Rue Porselein, Anderlecht

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