Four reasons to spend a day in Anderlecht

Land of surprises


By: Sophie

A while ago, a beautiful photo on Instagram caught my attention. It showed a super cute street that apparently was situated in Anderlecht, although it looked more like some small French village. I had to go see this for myself, so I planned a day in Anderlecht, and enjoyed the opportunity to go see other places in this commune as well. Anderlecht hasn't got the best reputation of the Brussels suburbs, but after today I think it's time to set things straight, because it's really not as bad as people make it out to be. The places we've seen were really nice and we didn't feel unsafe at any time. On the contrary, we had a really amazing day exploring the various areas and were stunned by its charm and its diversity. These are some of Anderlecht's hidden gems that are really worth visiting.

1. The area around the Saint-Guidon church

By tram or by metro, it's super easy to get here. Walk to Place de la Vaillance and admire the beautiful architecture while having a drink on the square. Visit the Béguinage, the Erasmus House and walk through the wonderful Rue Porselein. Also check if there isn't an event happening on 'De Koer', the local Academy of Arts. Read more


2. Parc des Étangs and the open-air graffiti gallery

To get here, you can take the tram or walk about 20 minutes from Place de la Vaillance. Parc des Étangs is a quiet place with a few big ponds, but the real hidden gem lies at its back end, where a big viaduct spans the park. Check out the graffiti artwork on the columns that support the viaduct. It is one big alternative art gallery. Read more

Anderlecht tervuren-park

3. Rural Brussels and a windmill

Walk on to the pond of Parc de la Pede, which lies in the middle of a natural reserve. If you didn't already feel in the countryside, you will when you walk through the fields on your way to the 'Luizenmolen', the windmill of Anderlecht. Read more.


4. Dinner in an atypical restaurant

Ready for a last surprise to end the day with? Then go to the restaurant 'In den Appelboom'. It has a nice outdoor terrace, but you would move inside for the interior design only. The food won't disappoint either.



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