Eight restaurants you have to try in the Marolles

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By: Sophie

The Marolles is an interesting district to explore. Not only for the antique shops and the daily flea market, but also to wine and dine. Here's a list of my favourite restaurants in this old quarter of Brussels.


The quirky decor in itself is already a reason to visit. The walls and shelves are covered with old vintage articles, such as coffee grinders, tin cans, beer coasters, old sieves... But the main reason to go is the original menu: every meal contains beer as an ingredient. It is no surprise that the beer menu is also quite extensive. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

Au Stekerlapatte

Clearly off the beaten track, this authentic Brussels restaurant is what one would describe as so truly Belgium. Brasserie style and an extensive menu with quite meaty dishes. You can get some great local beers that are otherwise hard to come by. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

Bar Tapas 177

For good food and good vibes, head to this atmospheric tapas bar in the Rue Haute where you will be greeted in Spanish as soon as you enter. The chef's international background adds an exotic touch to the tapas. He's not afraid of experimenting, which results in tapas containing ingredients you wouldn't expect to see combined, but it always works out. You'll be pleasantly suprised. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

Le Renard Bleu

This cute brightly-colored house in a small cobblestone-paved alley definitely stands out. The outdoor seating is the perfect place to take in its charming beauty. But did you know there is also a quiet little garden at the back? It's nice and simple, just as the food they serve. What else can you wish for?

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

El Fontán

This authentic tapas bar is owned by a Spanish chef whose roots are in Oviedo. It is thus no surprise that along with standard Spanish tapas, he also caters Asturian specialities. His fabada fell in favour during an international competition, but also the fish tapas are worth trying. The tapas here are slightly cheaper than those of the neighboring Bar Tapas 177. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

Le Chaff

Depending on when you visit, you'll discover a different side to le Chaff. Come here for dinner on Friday evening; for coffee after a stroll on the flea market on Saturday morning; for brunch on Sunday, or for a punk concert and burgers on Monday evening. The focus of the menu lies on quality over quantity, and it is varied enough to cater for all tastes and preferences. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

L'Ancien Bruxelles

I wonder how many years went into gathering all the tin boxes that today cover the walls, most of which display the Belgian royal family. As can be deduced from the images on the tin boxes, this restaurant focuses on Brussels by catering typical Belgian dishes in an original national decor.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels

Le Perroquet

If you like pita and Art Nouveau, Le Perroquet is the place to be. The menu offers a wide selection of pita with meat, fish and vegetarian alternatives which come with four additional sauces to top your pita with. Another remarkable feature is the Art Nouveau decor. Marble tables, stained glass windows, antique-style chairs and beautiful murals... One could spend hours marvelling at the details. Read more.

Best restaurants in the Marolles, Brussels


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