Sunset on Place Poelaert

As romantic as the Montmartre of Paris


By: Sophie

Perched on top of a Brussels hill, Place Poelaert offers a beautiful panoramic view over the Belgian capital. You can even see the basilica of Koekelberg and the Atomium in the distance. There is always some entertainment to enjoy, offered by some local street artists of by an organized DJ set. In Summer, the city of Brussels installs a 'Summer Info Point', a temporary Summer bar with deckchairs.

Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels

There's talks of installing a water mirror on Place Poelaert. How cool would that be?! Although taking into account the amount of time it takes to remove the scaffolding from around the Palais de Justice, I wonder in what year that will happen.

Place Poelaert, Brussels

This square is particularly nice in the evening. Bring something to drink and enjoy the spectacle. The golden hour before sunset wraps the Palais de Justice in a magical golden hue. Then, at sunset, the sun will go down in front of you, while slowly covering the Brussels city center with a dark blanket.

Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels Place Poelaert, Brussels

The view is well worth the walk up from lower town, or take the elevator, as suggested in my Marolles walking itinerary. It's a public elevator and free for anyone to use.

Place Poelaert, Brussels

If you'd like to get a bite before heading to Place Poelaert at sunset, check out this list with recommended restaurants in the Marolles district.


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