Sardina Day 1: From Cagliari to Pula

The roadtrip begins


By: Sophie


After landing in Cagliari (which -along with Alghero- is one of the two cities in Sardinia with an airport), we rented a car and left the city only to come back at the end of our roundtrip.


Stop number one: the city center of Pula. In hindsight, it was really small and not that impressive, but under the spell of excitement, everything still looked new and fascinating to us. We wanted to visit the ruins of Nora, but had arrived too late and were denied access. Instead, we strolled along the coastline of Pula with its pebblestone beach. There's probably more to see and do around Pula’s, but we didn't dawdle much, as we had another destination to reach before nightfall.

Pula, Sardinia Pula, Sardinia
Pula, Sardinia
Pula, Sardinia Pula, Sardinia


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