Bright Brussels

Brussels Festival of Light


By: Sophie

Bright Brussels is a free light festival in the city center of Brussels, stretching from Saint-Catherine, over the historical streets of Beguinage, to the former CitroŽn garage on place de l'Yser. Simultaneously, the exhibition Light the Heart of Europe takes place on Grand Place.

On the Grand Place stands a giant lantern in the shape of the Temple of Heaven. This is part of the exhibition Light the Heart of Europe, held to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and the year of tourism between the European Union and China.

Light The Heart of Europe Light The Heart of Europe

The light festival Bright Brussels lies within walking distance of this small exhibition. You can find an interactive map of the installations online, but try to get hold of a paper map if you can, because the online map isn't very handy to use. Use the leaflet or website to follow the suggested itinerary, or -as we did- wander around and let the lights guide you around.

One of my favourites was Stalactite in the former CitroŽn garage, a triangle floating upside down above the public. This installation "invites us to rid ourselves of the things that weigh us down, to eliminate trivial stress and to live in the moment."

Bright Brussels

Also impressive was the installation Underlight that turns the Quai du Commerce and the Parc du Quai ŗ la Houille into a mysterious place with a colourful curtain of smoke and wind lighting up the tree crowns. This installation recreates the northern lights, the aurora borealis.

Bright Brussels
Bright Brussels Bright Brussels

The eye-catcher on Vismet is Installation 160 where people have fun taking selfies in the symmetrical tunnel of square lighted frames. The name 160 refers to the number of light rods used to make this installation.

Bright Brussels

Right next to it, the installation Flower Power reminded me a lot of the projections on the St. Peter's Abbey during the light festival of Ghent. To be honest, the light show is not as impressive as the one in Ghent, but it is really lovely to look at the Church of Saint John the Baptist at the Bťguinage being covered with beautiful and colorful flowers.

Bright Brussels

Walk on and you'll be facing the famous Manneken Pis in his own installation Triple Jet. As usual, he stands there peeing shamelessly.

Bright Brussels

There are more installations scattered around the city center. You'll discover them while visiting the light show, but try not to miss out on the ones mentioned above, as I thought those were the most impressive ones to see.

Bright Brussels Bright Brussels
Bright Brussels Bright Brussels
Bright Brussels Bright Brussels

Practical Information

  • The light show takes places from February 22 to February 25.
  • More infore on the website of Bright Brussels.
  • You can ask for a leaflet with a map in the tourist information center on Koningsstraat 2, 1000 Brussel
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