Bar hidden behind the Sainte-Boniface church


By: Sophie

The square in front of the Saint Boniface church is always crowded due to the many bars and restaurants. What few people know, though, is that there’s also a square behind the church, which is home to the small bar L’Athenée. This is one of my favorite places to hang out on a nice Summer evening.
L Athenee, a nice bar in Ixelles

Although the bar itself is rather small, a good part of the square transforms into a lively and colorful outdoor terrace on a beautiful day. As there isn’t much traffic in this area, the square remains a quiet and relaxed place to sit outside on a warm evening.

When it’s cold and rainy, there isn’t much happening at L’Athénée during the day. In the evening, though, it sometimes feels like all the inhabitants of Ixelles have gathered around the small wooden tables of this ‘brown café’. It’s a very simple and no-pretense place, which is maybe what makes it so appealing.

L Athenee, a nice bar in Ixelles

Another reason to go is the large and original choice of beer. They’re serving many artisanal beers from several smaller Brussels breweries and always have some great beers on tap. The prices are also cheaper than in the bars in front of the church.

L Athenee, a nice bar in Ixelles

Practical information

  • L’Athenée is situated on Rue Jules Bouillon 2, Ixelles
  • It’s open every day from 10 AM until… Who knows?
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