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By: Sophie

Certain things in life go without saying, like having a waffle while in Brussels. You may try to avoid them, but the waffle shops and their enticing fragrance are everywhere, rendering any resistance futile. So now that we’ve established things, I’ll tell you about one of the good fast-food places to go for waffles. It’s called Waffle Factory and you’ll find it somewhere halfway between Grand Place and Manneken Pis.

Waffles in Brussels, The Waffle Factory Waffles in Brussels, The Waffle Factory

The Rue de l’Étuve is densely populated with various waffle shops. Although they are sell cheap and decent waffles, it’s maybe not the place you’re looking for after an entire day of walking around the city. There is no seating area, forcing you to eat them on the go. If you walk through Rue de l’Étuve in the direction of the Grand Place, you’ll stumble upon the Waffle Factory.

This eatery offers a large selection of waffles with any topping you can dream off. My recommendation would be the traditional waffle topped with chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream, which can never go wrong. Apart from the normal sweet waffles, The Waffle Factory also offers a variety of savory waffles. Although I felt a bit skeptical at first, I ordered the waffle which chicken which was actually really good.

Waffles in Brussels, The Waffle Factory

There was one thing though that bothered me a little. The waffle came in a cardboard holder, along with plastic cutlery. I hope they’ll opt for a more sustainable alternative soon.

Waffles in Brussels, The Waffle Factory

Although the place may seem rather small at first, there is a relatively large seating area upstairs. As opposed to the famous Maision Dandoy, which is characterized by the enormous waiting line outside, the wait at The Waffle Factory is very reasonable, and it’s also rather easy to get hold of a table upstairs. Order a hot chocolate along with the waffle and enjoy your break!

Waffles in Brussels, The Waffle Factory

Practical information

  • Address: Rue de Lombard 30, 1000 Brussels
  • More information on the Waffle Factory website
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