Josaphine's, the kiosk in Josaphat Park that sells picnic baskets

A hassle-free picnic


By: Sophie

When Josaphine’s announced its opening in Josaphat park, I instantly felt super excited because they also provide ready-made picnic baskets. Since one of my favourite activities on a sunny day is organizing a picnic in the park, it didn’t take long before I invited my friends to Schaerbeek to check out the apéro basket from Josaphine’s.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Park life

Park life is a real thing in big cities like New York or London, and it’s getting bigger in Brussels too. In Summer, the parks are teeming with life. Families take their kids outside, couples enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park and friends hang out together in the sun.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Parc Josaphat boosts this park life by regularly hosting different activities. With park life comes park food, and that’s where Josaphine’s enters the stage. Situated in the south-east side of the park, this cute kiosk caters drinks and original snacks to passers-by. Apart from chips and ice-cream, they also have normal, Mexican and Vietnamese hotdogs as well as Pastrami Rueben bagels and tasty croque monsieurs.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park
Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Josaphine’s has also introduced the genius concept of ready-made picnic baskets. You won’t have to go through the hassle of preparing and carrying everything around. All you have to do is invite your friends and pick up a picnic basket at Josaphine’s. It’s super easy.

Our apéro picnic basket

Josaphine’s offers two kinds of baskets. The brunch formula is available every Saturday and Sunday, as well as any given day during the holiday periods. The apéro formula can be ordered every afternoon provided the weather is nice. We opted for the latter.

When I arrived five minutes early, my basket wasn’t ready yet because the bread was still in the oven. I enjoyed the opportunity to walk around and scout for the perfect picnic spot. There is a large grass field behind the kiosk, so the choice was easily made.

I returned to pick up the basket and waited for my friends to arrive and unpack the contents together. It contained all the attributes required for a stylish picnic : a typical red-and-white checkered picnic blanket, plates, cutlery, glasses and a corkscrew.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Unpacking the contents of the picnic basket felt like unwrapping a present. This mystery basket ended up packing a baguette, a sausage, Vieux Bruxelles cheese, olive tapenade, a fine herbs cheese, breadsticks, a jar with chopped carrots and cucumbers, a Caprese salad, oriental-style meatballs, fresh grapes and rosemary chips. Every basket also contained drinks, where we had opted for a bottle of cava.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park
Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Most of the products are bio and locally made. I also really appreciated the waste-free approach of the picnic, as real glasses were provided instead of plastic cups and reusable jars were used to hold the different salads and spreads.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Although the baskets are meant for four to six people, I’d recommend sharing the basket with four people at most, for the mere practical reason that there are only four sets of plates, cutlery and glasses.

If you buy a picnic basket, you also have access to a variety of outdoor games like Molkky, Kubb, Crocket, rackets… These games are also available to other visitors of the park for a small fee.

Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park

Practical information

  • A brunch or apéro basket costs respectively 40 and 45 EUR, and can be shared with four to six people.
  • Although you can ask for a picnic basket on the spot, it is recommended to book beforehand using the email address
  • More information on Josaphine’s Facebook page.
  • Check out their Facebook page for an updated overview of the opening times. The general rule is that they’re open when the weather is nice.

  • Picnic at Josaphine’s, in Josaphat Park


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