Dolmens and menhirs in Wris

The Belgian Stonehenge


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Elected as one of the prettiest villages of Wallonia, Wris is especially famous for its megalithic monuments. At 9 kilometers from Durbuy, its worth making a detour to Wris to stroll through its picturesque historical center, hike through the surrounding woods or enjoy a dolmen beer.

The small historic center of Wris

This rural village of Wris will enchant you with her uneven cobblestone streets, heritage houses with limestone facades, small chapels and a renovated farmhouse. Strolling around in the old center of Wris is a nice experience that will take you back in time.

Wris in the Belgian Ardennes
Wris in the Belgian Ardennes Wris in the Belgian Ardennes

The Romanesque church of St. Walburga marks the center of Wris. Dating back to the 11th century, it is one of the oldest churches of the region.

Wris in the Belgian Ardennes

In the Museum of Megaliths youll learn a lot about megalithic graves and menhirs, how they were built and how the inhabitants used to live.

Adjoined to the museum is a bar with a garden where you can get a hot bowl of soup, which is delicious after a strenuous hike. Or a refreshing Dolmen Beer called Dolmenius.

Wris in the Belgian Ardennes

Hike in the surroundings

Given that the surroundings of Wris are brimming with history, it is definitely an interesting place for a hike. Its main celebrities are the two dolmens and several menhirs. Made out of puddingstone rock, these monuments date back to around 3000 BC. Impressive, right?

Wris in the Belgian Ardennes

You can follow one of the marked trails varying between 5 and 11 kilometers. Youll recognize the white signs with yellow, red, blue or green crosses that each indicate a different distance. Inform at the Museum of Megaliths for more details. You can also download the itinerary of a 7-kilometer hike on the Wallonian tourism website.

Wris in the Belgian Ardennes


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